Mission Statement


Hello and Welcome,

We are a diverse company that offers a variety of plants. We offer a wide selection of Airplants/Tillandsias at wholesale prices. We carry everything from the most common and popular varieties to the rarest and most difficult ones to find. Our passion and care for these airplants gives us the ability to offer you the best quality on the market. We are unique in that most of the plants we sell are coming from mother plants grown from seed. This gives us the advantage in quality. We have been growing and shipping exotic products since 1982. Our shipping department will expedite your order as carefully and quickly as possible. We ship domestically across the US, and internationally across the World.

About Us

Plantaflor is a family run business, led by owner Gerald Enthoven. Gerald has been involved with everything from flowers and foliage to plants since he and his family immigrated here from the Netherlands in the early 80’s. The company has transformed many times, as Gerald has always set out to find the most unique and innovative products available. It is no coincidence that he quickly took a liking to tillandsias. These plants do not require soil, how much more innovative can it get! Plantaflor is quickly becoming a well known name in the plant industry, as they set out to establish the difference in plant quality and affordability. In an industry where customer service is lacking, Team Plantaflor’s helpful sales team, and well-informed greenhouse staff create an experience that drives repeat business. We want to thank all of our loyal customers for their business, and hope we can continue to increase the quality of our service in the years to come! Thanks.