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About Ordering Online

Ordering Process

  • Please refer to price list for pricing. If you do not have one, please contact us @ (866) 458-1010.
  • This list is limited, to order from complete list (total plant list, wood, glassware, etc) call us @ (866) 458-1010.
  • Please refer to the price list for minimums. If minimums are not met we will be calling you so we can adjust them accordingly.

Shipping Process

  • All orders received prior to 12pm, will most likely be shipped out next day. Shipping dates include Mon-Fri. If there is a specific date you would like the order to be shipped out please contact us @ (866) 458-1010. Keep in mind same day shipping is not possible.
  • If you live in a cold area, we do not cover frost damage. Please call us to add a heat pack / double corrugated box.

Payment Process

  • Once we receive your order, we will follow up for payment information. If you are a returning customer, and your credit card is on file, no need to follow up.

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